Darkness is a harsh term
don't you think?
Is it always this dangerous?
Yeah... By the way, did I mention it also
travels in T I M E ?

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Multifandom blog with a not-so-subtle emphasis on anything Benedict, Sherlock, or Johnlock related. I make a lot of gifs, edits, and graphics of my own and I'm always up for taking requests. Don't be shy, put all of your opinions and secrets and johnlock headcanons in my inbox ...especially johnlock headcanons.

It's always you, John Watson.


do u ever ship something so hard

that you literally cant imagine either of them w someone else

like its not that you dont want to imagine them with someone else 

its that you cant

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Sherlolly is going to be canon because Sherlock was straight in the books. Whether you like it or not, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books do impact this show.




molly didnt even exist in acd canon

Of what indication do you have for the solid fact that Sherlock was indeed straight in the books? What I know is that ACD was unable to write a story with a gay character, but that being said, he never once places Sherlock into the relationship status with any woman. Yet time and time again in the stories mind you, he tells John that he is his. And his rage of being replaced by Mary in the stories is part of the actual plot line. He offers no sympathy and lacks the ability to understand the motive of love and jealousy. But yet John Watson was constantly able to invoke these emotions, in him. So I wonder Anon, just what stories are you reading? Because methinks you are reading fanfiction and getting a wee bit confused.

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I don’t like myself enough to end up alone forever.

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see this is why everyone hates johnlockers. cause you're all full of yourselves and because you're in a bad mood you're gonna hate on anyone who doesn't ship your ship... like, what?? it's not ever going to happen, so just shut up and get over it. johnlock becoming canon is the last thing that will happen on that show, or in general. let's be honest



Yes. It’s all the Johnlockers fault. Wanting Johnlock to be canon is queer fetishization, and it’s harmful and it’s wrong and “wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE FRIENDS” arguments here and there and you know what? Whatever. I’m so sick of people like you who feel the need to come on a JOHNLOCK BLOG and decide to hate on Johnlock.

I’m sick of people trying to act like everyone has to be nice because guess what? I’m not anymore. If you want to hate on Johnlock then whatever the fuck you feel like doing what your life but I WILL sit here and defend my ship when people like you come on my blog and shit on it like this. I don’t care if I come off like a bitch or an asshole or whatever the hell you wanna call me because guess what? I’m through with people who think it’s okay to make hate tags and hate networks to shit on everyone’s fun.

I WILL sit on MY blog and defend MY ship and if you have a problem with it then fucking unfollow me. I DO think that it’ll be canon and I WANT it to be canon and if you have a problem with that then tough luck. I will be obnoxious and I will be mean sometimes but people like you can roll around in whatever excuses you try to make in order to make it seem like making hate tags or networks is okay. It’s a fucking ship and your need to hate on it is so idiotic.

So, sorry if this makes people unfollow but I love Johnlock and I want it to be canon and I WILL defend it so sorry not sorry if you have a problem with it. You may not be smart enough to understand the concept of letting people ship whatever they want to but I’m sure your smart enough to know where the unfollow button is.

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( x , x )

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"So, you had that mask on. You had to wear that all the time, right? Does that get hot on your face?" (x)

oh please look at him he knows exactly what he’s doing sitting there shaking his foot like a self-satisfied pup wagging its tail after humping the couch

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Crime Thriller Awards, October 18, 2012

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I’m not gonna fight you.

full img. sorry i haven’t posted a lot lately, school’s been eating up my time:(

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Do you see yourself as the sexy, shirtless type?
SS: Don’t we all try and think of ourselves like that at some point in time?

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John “Totally sober, totally not falling asleep” Watson and Sherlock “I forgot why I’m here, but it’s pretty” Holmes.

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